Thank you, for everyone's support of The Creative Arts Program for Kids. With heavy hearts, we are closing our doors on May 15th, 2014. We will be available for Educational Consulting services starting June 2014 as E & A Consulting. Thank you!


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -William Butler Yeats


Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids

A Private Integrated Arts Early Childhood Program

Preschool and Kindergarten (serving ages 3 - 8)

- creative movement - creative drama - visual arts - music - creative writing -

Welcome, to the Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids Early Childhood Program, located in Salt Lake City, Utah where children explore Science, Cultures, Math & Language Arts through the Integrated Creative Arts! We are a private Early Childhood Program that offers: Preschool and Kindergarten.

CAP for Kids is dedicated to providing an Experiential Learning Environment where trained teachers design Integrated Arts lesson plans for students to explore concepts through: creative movement, creative drama, music, visual art, & creative writing.

We are located inside an open 1658 square foot professional studio for the Arts where children explore weekly thematic lesson plans in a large open environment designed to encourage movement, creativity, and imagination. Students join us from all parts of the Salt Lake Valley to explore their world through the Integrated Creative Arts, including: creative movement, creative drama, visual art, music, & creative writing. The integration of the Arts in education have proven to increase understanding of concepts, boost self-confidence, initiate motivation for children to learn, develop fine & gross-motor skills, and make learning FUN!

The Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids aims to provide children with high quality Experiential Education Explorations that reach the 3 main learning styles: visual (learns through seeing), auditory (learns through listening), and tactile/kinesthetic (learns through moving, doing, & touching). The Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids achieves teaching to the 3 main learning styles through providing experiential education experiences based in the Integrated Creative Arts that encourage learning through: seeing, listening, moving, singing, acting, creating, doing, & touching.

The Creative Arts Team facilitate students' Creative Arts Explorations through a combination of whole group and small group settings. A limited number of students are admitted in order to maintain a developmentally appropriate adult to student ratio in the Creative Arts Classroom.


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All Integrated Creative Arts based lesson plans are created by an educator who specializes in Integrated Creative Arts Education:

Creative Arts Program (CAP) for Kids classes are held at a professional Studio for the Arts located in Sugar House, called Sugar Space. 616 E. Wilmington Ave. (2190 S.) To view picture of the physical location, please visit: our Facebook Page